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Road Indicator



Cigarette holder

Fishing weights

Air flow rooter

Cooking pot

Safety belt
Hello visitor,

In my years, that I spent working in mechanical industry I made several improvements and innovations, which I presented on the most important European fairs.
Some of my innovations are still being used. Several of my patents are still active, some are on hold. Because our government has no regard about inventors I presented some of the innovations on the internet.
Regardless of the results I am proud of the work that I devoted in developing the orthopedic accessories for handicapped people and devices that help people and artisans in everyday work. My primary guidance in my activity was and still is safety.

I am open for any kind of cooperation, so if you have any questions or suggestions regarding my work, feel free to write or call me.
Alojz Tomazin    
improvements for light motor mowers
Special head

Torque Clutch

Flexi Blade heads

Protective disk

Distance disk
Knife for notch

Nail piercing device

Precise drilling device
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